Adoption Support Services

1. Which agency/organisation/individual provides counselling/therapeutic support to birth parents following adoption?

Adopt South West offer birth parent counselling, we also offer support groups. We link closely with Pause projects in our region

2. What is the total amount of government funding provided to the Local authority adoption team per annum?

Adoption services within Devon are provided by Adopt Southwest who carry out Adoption functions for Devon, Somerset, Plymouth and Torbay councils. There is no specific government funding for the adoption service within Devon County Council. The Council is funded from a variety of sources including council tax, business rates, government grants and fees and charges.

In 2022/23 Devon County Council is budgeting to provide Adopt Southwest with funding of £1.836m for its share of the overall adoption service

3. From this total amount how much money is allocated to the provision of post adoption counselling/therapeutic support for birth parents?

We do not hold this information