Abbotsham Road junction improvement costs

Could you tell me how much the work at this junction cost. I understand that it came form S106 neighbourhood planning, but what were the sources here?

It is difficult to furnish a ‘total cost’ for the Buckleigh Junction improvement works since the costs are within the overall North Devon Link Road Project (NDLR) and are difficult to abstract. We therefore do not hold the information that you are seeking but we can provide the further information below by way of assistance.

The preliminary and forward design costs in preparation for the both the Outline and Final Business Cases (OBC and FBC) to the Department of Transport (DfT) would include Buckleigh, but are difficult to disseminate from the overall Project. Looking through the Project costs the direct costs attributable solely to the junction improvement (since the award of the FBC) are £719,988.71. This figure, however, does not include EDG costs for the detailed design and supervision of the works as these are booked against a general code for the whole scheme and are impossible to split out. Therefore it would be reasonable to allow £50,000 for this item. It would also be reasonable to allow an additional £243,150 which is approximately 10% of the total costs in preparation of the OBC and FBC costs that could also be attributed to Buckleigh. It should be noted that there will also be some post completion costs associated with the Project (and therefore Buckleigh) which are a prerequisite of the DfT grant.