Intranet and Website Accessibility

Intranet Questions

1. How many people are employed by your organisation, including full time and part time?

5049 corporate employees

2. What is your current intranet solution? (Sharepoint, WordPress, Interact, Invotra, Oak etc)


3. How long have you been using this intranet solution?

5 years

4. When is your intranet contract up for renewal?

N/a – Devon County Council (DCC) do not have a contract

5. What is your annual intranet budget?


6. What is your procurement process? Please can you include any portals used to list tenders and/or any suppliers/consultants used to procure.

Please refer to Supplying the South West Portal

7. Do you share intranet/IT services with other organisations? If so who?

No. N/A

8. Which team and/or individual(s) are responsible for managing your intranet internally?

Communications Team

9. Are you using the Office 365 suite? If so, which applications from the suite are in use?

Yes. All.

10. Which team and/or individual(s) are responsible for your intranet’s procurement within the organisation?

Communications Team

11. Is your Active Directory hosted on-premise, or in the cloud?


12. Could you provide us with a link to your Digital Workplace Strategy?

Please refer to Devon Council’s Strategic Plan and  Digital and Technology Service Strategy

Website / Accessibility Questions

1. What software are you currently using for your website?


2. What team/individual is responsible for maintaining your website?

Communications Team

3. Do you work with an external supplier to maintain your website? If so when does your contract expire?

No. N/A

4. When did you last conduct an accessibility audit against your public website?

DCC scan weekly for compliance and review/audit on an annual basis. Although this has been delayed while we focus on COVID 19 work.

5. What team/individual is responsible for digital accessibility across your public facing services?

Communications Team

6. What is your budget for digital accessibility?


7. What is your annual marketing/communications budget for creating content for residents?

DCC do not have a specific budget for marketing/communications for residents. Please refer to the budget book for general information regarding council budgets.

8. Do you work with external marketing/communications suppliers to create content for your public facing services?

DCC core content is created in-house, but many services commission specific campaigns externally, around specific issues.

9. When was the last time you conducted a content audit on your website to remove outdated content?

DCC do not conduct fixed audits of our website. We rely on a mix of content owners maintaining and reporting outdated content, weekly broken link scans and occasional ad-hoc review of analytics when a particular website is being updated.