School Supplementary Grant

I am looking to find out information about how the Schools Supplementary Grant was distributed to special, AP and Hospital schools.

Schools Supplementary Grant is forming part of the Schools Block Funding and will be passed out to schools through the funding formula.

High Needs Supplementary Grant is forming part of the High Needs Block. The differences in funding, and costs, for Special Schools, Alternative Provision and Hospital Schools means that centrally setting supplementary per-pupil funding rates, as has been applied for the supplementary grant for mainstream schools, was not appropriate. It is therefore for local authority to decide how to allocate the additional funding to those schools, with the same flexibilities as we must deploy the rest of the DSG (Dedicated Schools Grant) allocations of high needs funding.

How much of an increase is your council passing on to special, alternative provision and hospital schools this financial year?

Due to the current DSG deficit we are not intending to fund above the 1%.

What methodology have you used, to decide how much to pass on?

Within Devon it has been decided that 1%, which relates to the Ni Levy, will be given to the top up rates for the Special Schools, AP (Alternative Provision) and AP Medical. We are currently waiting guidance confirmation on the medical placements from the DfE (Department for Education).