Recycling Centres and Clothing Disposal

1.Please confirm how many recycling centres (HWRC) you operate that serve your council and list their locations / addresses?

This information can be found here:- Centres Archive – Waste and Recycling (

2.What other facilities if any, are in place by the council to collect unwanted clothing from household within the council area?

Devon County Council (DCC) working in partnership with its District Councils and Torbay Council tendered a contract for the provision and maintenance of textile banks in 9 Local Authority (LA) areas in Devon/Torbay, including sale of kerbside material from 4 LA stockpiles.

3. Are these all run by council staff or third parties and if by third parties, who are they, when was their contract started and for how long, and when is the tender date due?

HWRCs  – 18 Operated By SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd  – contract start 01-04-2017 until 31-03-2026.

1 operated by Coastal UK Group Limited  –  contract start 01-04-2020 until 31-03 2025 with option to extend for 4 years.

Textile Banks – Contracted to the Salvation Army starting 1/4/2020 until 31-03-2023 with option to extend for 2 years.

4. Please advise who collects your used clothing, is it collected by your council or by an independent clothing company?

HWRCs = JMP Wilcox & Co Ltd

Textile Banks = Salvation Army

5. Is the clothing collected via a clothing bank, if so, who is the owner responsible for the clothing bank?

HWRCs  = Banks JMP Wilcox & Co Ltd

Textile Banks = Salvation Army

6.Please confirm the total annual cost per financial year to your council for the last 3 years for running the recycling centre / centres?

2018-19 £5.73m

2019-20 £5.97m

2020-21 £6.19m

7. For the same period, split by year and split by household & commercial, please confirm the total revenue received for the last 3 years for clothing disposal.

HWRCs – DCC does not hold this information (Textile offtake contract is between Wilcox and HWRC contractors)

Textile Banks  – Providing this information would prejudice the commercial interests of the incumbent Textile recycler and has potential to prejudice fair competition in future tendering/procurement exercises. It is the view of DCC that it would not be in the public interest to share this information, therefore, we are withholding it in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, S43(2): Information is exempt information if its disclosure under this Act would, or would be likely to, prejudice the commercial interests of any person (including the public authority holding it).