Manor Farm, Holcombe

These questions relate to land at Manor Farm, Hall Lane, Holcombe, outlined on this Manor Farm Aerial View document. It is reported to be unused, being unfit for agricultural use owing to poor soil quality and flooding.

1. When was the indicated land last included in the Manor Farm lease?

The land in question was last included in a lease of Manor Farm in 2018. Since then the land has however been occupied by the new tenant of Manor Farm under a series of separate grazing licences.

2. When was the land last farmed?

 The land is currently included in an agricultural grazing licences granted to the tenant of Manor Farm.

3. Part of the land was granted planning approval in 2017 for the dumping of spoil from the creation of a new adjacent cycle path, with the expressed intention of then returning this part to farmland. What plans are in place for the land not covered by this planning approval?

The immediate plans for the land not covered by the planning application referred to, is to work with the existing tenant to remedy the former tenants dilapidations, with the intent of returning the land to its former good agricultural condition, once the end of tenancy valuation has been finalised and agreed.

4. Earlier this year work started on transferring reptiles from this land to a hibernacula on nearby land. Was this work completed, and what is the latest ecological evaluation of this project?

The translocation exercise was not completed. There is no current ecological evaluation.