COVID vaccinations and teacher infections

1. All information data and correspondence that DCC holds in relation to covid vaccination of 12-15 year olds from September until 28th October including any information received from third parties including SAIS or other NHS entities 

NHSEi (National Health Service England Improvement) and the Devon CCG (Clinical commissioning group) are responsible for the vaccination programmes, it is not a Devon County Council programme, therefore this information is not held.  There is publicly available data on vaccination rates.

Covid vaccination rates by gender, there is a breakdown by age, gender and region as part of the weekly vaccination published by NHS England – updated on a Thursday so the latest is just out: Statistics » COVID-19 Vaccinations (  The Office for National Statistics also produce an occasional report of vaccination by socio-demographic characteristics which goes into much greater detail about uptake rates by sex, age, ethnicity, religion and other factors: Coronavirus and vaccination rates in people aged 70 years and over by socio-demographic characteristic, England – Office for National Statistics (

2. All information data and correspondence that DCC holds in relation to covid tests that were processed at the Immensa lab in Wolverhampton including any received from third parties 

The UK Health Security Agency is responsible for the covid testing programme and would be the point of contact as lead for PCR testing. Therefore, Devon County Council (DCC) does not hold this information. 

3. Any information DCC holds in relation to CO2 monitors for classrooms including correspondence with DfE. 

The DfE (Department for Education) organised the purchase and distribution of CO2 monitors for schools and they were sent direct. While DCC are aware this equipment has started to be delivered to Educational settings we do not hold any detail.

 4. Details of the numbers of teachers in Devon overall and the number who have been infected with covid on a weekly basis since September 2021.

The workforce census has not started yet for this year, therefore the only available information relating to workforce is from November 2020 and can be found on this DfE (Department for Education) webpage

A specific table on workforce (number and FTE of teachers in Devon schools for last two years) can be found on this Teacher and support staff Full-time Equivalent (FTE) and headcount numbers’ for Total state-funded schools in Devon between 2019/20 and 2020/21 webpage

The number of teachers in Devon who have tested positive for Covid on a weekly basis since September 2021 can be found on this Devon County Council webpage.

Please note this is the total (cumulative) staff absent with confirmed Covid 19 by day, and not just the number of new staff absent.