Cautionary Contacts list’ (CCL)

Provide details of the council’s ‘cautionary contacts list’ (CCL) or similar database.

A CCL is a system or register which lists potentially aggressive or abusive customers or members of the public, in an effort to protect council staff from potentially harmful situations, including physical assault and verbal abuse.

Devon County Council does not hold a cautionary contacts list (CCL). 

The Council does have an Unacceptable Customer behaviour log however this is not a CCL as it is not used to protect staff members.  Individual services are responsible for dealing with unacceptable behaviour on a case-by-case basis.  Details of the Council’s record retention are in the Privacy notice for unacceptable behaviour and discrimination reporting 

The Council also has an Inappropriate Comments on Social Media log, but it is not a CCL as it does not ‘flag’ a customer. The purpose is to monitor offensive communications, including threats to staff and racism, and action taken.

Trading Standards have a database of trader premises. This includes visit history and officers may note some details for health and safety issues. This may include comments regarding vulnerability or potential aggression of traders, and these may be highlighted. There is an “Alarm” box used for a variety of purposes such as in relation to the route of disposal for a complaint or precautions to take prior to visit (e.g. trader is a member of our approval scheme, trader is already under investigation; trader may become aggressive don’t visit alone).

I seek details including the ages (if known), the length of time they have been on the list (if known), the reasons for their inclusion and the council department who may come into contact with the person (if known).

Refer to above. This information is not held.