Domestic Abuse Process, Support and Investigations

1. Does child social services report domestic abusers to the local police? If not, is there a reason for this?

2. Does child social services warn new partners of abusers that they have a record of domestic abuse to help prevent further cases of abuse? If not, is this an area they are considering?

3. Does child social services explain previous social services involvement to new partners? If not, is this an area they are considering?

4. Does child social services share information about someone with their ex-partner if requested for a custody dispute case? for example will they share historic information about the mum/dad from when they were children with the other person? If so, under what circumstances?

5. What do child social services view as breaking confidentiality in regards to information they hold and give out? How often has this happened since 2010 per calendar or financial year if statistics are available.

6. How often do child social services put adults / children at risk of abuse by not informing / sharing information about the conduct of a new partner? For example a person is well known to child social services in any area of abuse and they do not inform or share information that could protect an innocent person who starts a relationship with the abuser? If there are any reports or statistics since 2010 on this per calendar or financial year this would be helpful. If there is no evidence of this it will also be helpful.

7. How often if at all are parental family court proceedings used against the child/ren of that case later on in life? Statistics / reports from 2010 per calendar / financial year appreciated.

8. How often do Cafcass, psychologists, psychiatrists or other professionals rubber stamp / validate child social services concerns even when there is evidence to the contrary? Again any reports or statistics from 2010 are appreciated.

9. How many sexual abuse claims end up being or not being investigated by child social services? reports or statistics from 2010 by calendar or financial year.

10. How often does child social services get involved with someone over allegations regardless of previous positive involvement? for example a parent has passed multiple assessments but new allegations are made by either the same person or family of the same person. Does there come a time when child social services look at this as harassment and stop investigating. Any reports, rules etc on this would be helpful.

From our preliminary assessment, we estimate that compliance with this request would exceed the appropriate costs limit under section 12 of the Freedom of information Act 2000

This is currently £450 or 18 hours of officer time.