Abuse, Suicide and Harassment

1. Are child social services biased against domestic abuse victims/ survivors when their name is mentioned at a future date?

2. Do child social services accept that people can change once away from the abuse?

3. Is there any evidence, reports or statistics in regards to how many victims of child/domestic abuse end up committing suicide due to victim-blaming / shaming, or re-victimisation by child social services, Cafcass or ex-partners allegations? Information, statistics from per year from 2010 either calendar or financial year is acceptable.

4.If there is no evidence, reports etc is this an area child social services or any other governmental body are looking into?

5. Do child social services investigate serial complainers for harassment? For example the same person or family continually call child social services raising concerns over a particular child/ren or family?

6. Since 2010 how many times have child social services threatened someone with a gagging order? These statistics would be per calendar or financial year.

7. How many times have they actually gone to court to obtain a gagging order against an individual, family or company? These statistics would be per calendar or financial year.

8. Since 2010 how many anonymous complaints / allegations of abuse have child social services investigated per year by either calendar or financial year?

9. Since 2010 how many children have been removed from their homes where child social services have used parental mental health as a reason. These statistics, if available can be per calendar or financial year.

10. How do child social services or Cafcass determine which parent a child loves the most for any family court cases?

11. Is there any paperwork, evidence, reports to prove or disprove this question?

12. What is child social services standing on the effects of being a single child as apposed to living in a household with another child no matter if that child is related or not? Do they even have an opinion on this subject? Is there any reports or documentation to prove or disprove which is better for the child?

13. How often, if at all, do child social services ignore or use a previous family court judgment against the parent in future involvement?

14. Does this only happen when the family court have ruled someone is guilty of an incident or does it also happen when someone is found innocent in family court? I don’t believe there will be statistics on this question but there may be reports or regulations that child social services adhere to that would cover this question.

15. Under what circumstance (if this happens) do child social services admit sharing or stating misinformation about a parent and what can the parent do to ensure this does not happen again in the future?

Any statistics held from 2010-now for any of these questions would be lovely. If statistics do not go back 10 years then going back as far as records allow below 10 years is acceptable.

From our preliminary assessment, we estimate that compliance with this request would exceed the appropriate costs limit under section 12 of the Freedom of information Act 2000

This is currently £450 or 18 hours of officer time.