Policy and Planning

1. Full report on evidence used to justify the Devon County Executive Councillors and the executive board decisions to enforce lockdowns and associated restrictions in Devon County since the Coronavirus Act 2020 has been introduced by central government up until this time. Please include requested by the corona act data and statistics as: regional, local, and national death, burial, number of hospital beds and cremation data (covering the period from 2015 to the date) that has been used by the Devon Department of Public health directors and executives to declare a health outbreak status In Devon.

The decisions to impose Lockdowns and associated restrictions was a decision made by central government not Devon County Council. Devon County Council do not hold the evidence used by central government to make these national decisions. It is a Pandemic so there was no decision or need to declare a health outbreak in Devon.

2. Documents on all decisions made by the Devon County Council Executive Councillors and executive board, in relation to the regional coronavirus health outbreak which includes the official government Covid 19 status dated March 2020 clearly saying: COVID-19 (“CO VID”) was no longer considered a high consequence infectious disease (“HCID”) in the UK

Devon County Council meetings can be found on this Devon County Council website

3. Documents showing dates (and number of attendees) of the Devon County council’s meetings and consultation(including public consultation) discussing the Covid vaccination programme and the Covid testing programme proposed and already launched in Devon County since March 2020  Please include  evidences  used to support the proposal/program also including the  detailed information on all brands of Covid “Vaccines“ risk assessment data, legal requirement for Vaccine certification,  health and safety and liability status, national and regional health, death, burial, cremation, and risk assessment data used by the council to justify the decision to enable Sherborne House in Newton Abbot to become a major vaccination site for the district.

The covid-19 vaccination programme is the responsibility of the NHS, Devon County Council does not hold this information. Dates and attendees of Devon County Council meetings are included in the link provided in question 2 above.

4. Any documents highlighting dates and attendees of the DCC 2020/2021 health emergency meetings and consultation on national and regional health status, which include: death, hospitalisation, number of hospital beds, burial, and cremation data and the statistics covering the period of each year from 2015 up to and compared to the current date.

The Council has not held ‘DCC health emergency meetings.’  It has conducted its business through Council meetings, Health Protection Board and Team Devon Local Outbreak Engagement Board. The Devon Coronavirus public dashboard gives Covid 19 information  Coronavirus (COVID-19)  as does the national government website https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/

5. Documents providing details supporting DCC decisions made in regard to the Corona virus/covid, public information campaign, including the name of the contracted marketing and advertising companies and all funds invested in these campaigns and contracts

Much of the marketing and advertising in relation to covid-19 were central government material and campaigns uplifted locally.  Devon County Council has developed local public health information campaigns to support the community testing programme.  All funding for the testing programme, including marketing campaign material has been paid for by central government through a grant from the Department of Health and Social Care. The national Contain Outbreak Management Fund is provided to fund outbreak management and within this there is a heading for communications and marketing. Devon County Council has spent £238,131 on communications and marketing since the fund was awarded and pandemic began.

6. Detailed reports on the council’s consultation with the public on the issues related to the Call for Sites project 2017-2018 (covering the period from 2019 to the date). Please Include the number of voters and the evidence of the MAJORITY residents and councillors’ votes showing their support for the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) and the housing developments in Devon County considered as granted and permitted by the DCC Please include assessment of proposal

The call for sites and the HELAA (Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment) is part of the Local Plan process which is a function of the district councils and Devon County Council does not hold this information. We advise that you contact the district council direct. Details for each of the district councils in Devon can be found on this Devon County Council webpage.

7. Documents with details from DCC consultation with the public and members of the council on the Housing options in Devon County Please include proposals and projects in the developing progress that have been accepted and granted by the council

Consultation on housing options would be a part of the Local Plan process. As such Devon County Council is not responsible for housing, therefore does not hold the information asked for. This is the responsibility of District and Unitary authorities. Details for each can be found on this Devon County Council webpage.

8. Documents which include any decisions made by the council in collaboration with IPCC.

If IPCC stands for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Devon County Council have not made any decisions in collaboration with them. If we are incorrect with our assumption, please advise further.

9. Documents which include:

– The number and the topics of DCC consultations with the public covering the period from 2018 to the date. Please include proposal made by IPCC that has been consulted with the public and considered granted and supported by the Majority of Devon residents (please exclude consultation on a single household owner planning permission request on refurbishment or improvement of a property they own)

– The results of any DDC consultation with the public, including the number of the residents who take part and number of votes given in favours for the topic of the consultation (excluding consultations on a single household owner planning permissions requests on the refurbishment and improvement of a property they own)

Links to information about current and past consultations carried out by Devon County Council can be found on this Devon County Council webpages