Adult and Social Care Teams

How many teams are there are in Devon’s Adult and Children Social Work Services?

194 teams in total in Adult and Children services – 82 teams in Adults Services and 112 teams in Childrens Services

What are the teams’ names?

Adult Care & Health
Adult Care Operations & Health
Adult Community Health & SCT – Barnstaple
Adult Community Health & SCT – Bideford & Northam / Torrington & Holsworthy
Adult Community Health & SCT – Braunton & Ilfracombe / South Molton & Chulmleigh
Adult Community Health & SCT – Coastal
Adult Community Health & SCT – Crediton & Okehampton
Adult Community Health & SCT – Exeter
Adult Community Health & SCT – Exmouth and Budleigh
Adult Community Health & SCT – Honiton
Adult Community Health & SCT – Newton Abbot
Adult Community Health & SCT – Seaton
Adult Community Health & SCT – Teign Valley & South Dartmoor/Totnes & Dartmouth
Adult Community Health & SCT – Tiverton & Cullompton
Adult Community Health & Social Care – Northern
Adult Community Health & Social Care Team – Ivybridge  Kingsbridge & Tavistock
Adult Day Services – Torrington
Adult Disability Leadership – Eastern
Adult Disability Leadership – Northern
Adult Disability Leadership – Southern
Adult Hospital Discharge Team – Complex
Adult Hospital Discharge Team – Eastern
Adult Hospital Discharge Team – Northern
Adult Hospital Discharge Team – Southern
Adult Mental Health Team (Exeter & East)
Adult Mental Health Team (Forensic – Langdon)
Adult Mental Health Team (North & Mid)
Adult Mental Health Team (South & West)
Adult Professional Leadership
Adult Sensory Team
Adult Social Care – Eastern
Adult Social Care – Western
Adult Social Care Provision – Eastern / Northern
Adult Social Care Provision – Northern
Adult Social Care Provision – Southern / Northern
Adult Specialist Placement Team
Alexandra Road Link
AMHP Service
Care Direct Plus – Eastern
Care Direct Plus – Northern
Care Direct Plus – Southern
CDP Eastern – Arranging Support
CDP Eastern – Assessment and Support Planning
CDP Eastern – Occupational Therapy
CDP Eastern – Safeguarding
CDP Northern – Arranging Support
CDP Northern – Assessment & Support Planning
CDP Northern – Occupational Therapy
CDP Northern – Safeguarding
CDP Southern – Arranging Support
CDP Southern – Assessment & Support Planning
CDP Southern – Occupational Therapy
CDP Southern – Safeguarding
Countywide Autism and ADHD Team
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Service
Devon Safeguarding Adults Board
Ilfracombe Link
North Link Service
Peripatetic Team
Preparing for Adulthood Team
Rapid Response – Eastern
Rapid Response – Northern
Rapid Response – Southern
Reaching for Independence Service – Exeter / East / Mid
Reaching for Independence Service – North
Reaching for Independence Service – South Hams / West / Teignbridge
Residential Older People Unit – Newton Abbot  Mapleton
Residential Older People Unit – Torrington  Woodland Vale
Residential Respite Learning Disability – Barnstaple  Greenfields
Residential Respite Learning Disability – Exeter  Treetops
Residential Respite Learning Disability – Honiton  Pine Park
Social Care Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) Team
Social Care Reablement – Eastern
Social Care Reablement – Northern
Social Care Reablement – Southern
Social Care Reablement – Western
Specialist Placement Learning Disability Team
Supported Living Review Team and County Disability Team
Workforce Development – Adult Social Care
Adult Social Care – Southern
Operations Adult Mental Health
Adult Social Care – Northern
Adult Disability Leadership
Children’s Services
ASW – Adopt South West Regional Adoption Agency
ASW – Adoption Support (Devon and Somerset)
ASW – Adoption Support (Northern)
ASW – Adoption Support (RAA)
ASW – Adoption Support (Southern)
ASW – Assessment (Northern)
ASW – Assessment (Southern)
ASW – Assessment and Family Finding
ASW – Assessment and Family Finding (Devon and Somerset)
ASW – Family Finding (Northern)
ASW – Family Finding (Southern)
Atkinson School
Atkinson Secure Children’s Home
Barnes Children’s Home – Tiverton
Child and Parent Assessment Service
Children & Families – East & Mid 1
Children & Families – East & Mid 2
Children & Families – East & Mid 3
Children & Families – East & Mid 4
Children & Families – Exeter 1
Children & Families – Exeter 2
Children & Families – Exeter 3
Children & Families – Exeter 4
Children & Families – North 1
Children & Families – North 2
Children & Families – North 3
Children & Families – North 4
Children & Families – North 5
Children & Families – South 1
Children & Families – South 2
Children & Families – South 3
Children & Families – South 4
Children’s Homes
Children’s Placement Team
Children’s Social Care
Children’s Social Care – Bridges Team
Children’s Social Care – Bridges Team – East & Mid
Children’s Social Care – Bridges Team – Exeter
Children’s Social Care – Bridges Team – North
Children’s Social Care – Bridges Team – South
Children’s Social Work – East & Mid
Children’s Social Work – Exeter
Children’s Social Work – North
Children’s Social Work – South
Children’s Social Work Team – East & Mid
Children’s Social Work Team – Exeter
Children’s Social Work Team – North
Children’s Social Work Team – South
Corporate Parenting
Devon Youth Offending Service
Disabled Children’s Service
Disabled Children’s Service – Advice & Support
Disabled Children’s Service – Eastern 1
Disabled Children’s Service – Eastern 2
Disabled Children’s Service – North
Disabled Children’s Service – South
Early Help – East & Mid Devon
Early Help – Exeter
Early Help – Family Group Conference Plus
Early Help – Family Intervention Service
Early Help – YIT  East & Mid Devon
Early Help – YIT  Exeter
Early Help – YIT  Northern Devon
Early Help – YIT  Southern Devon
Early Help – Youth Intervention Team (YIT)
Early Help (North)
Early Help (South)
Eclipse for Children’s Social Work Project
Emergency Duty Team (EDT)
Family & Friends Assessment Team & Private Fostering
Family Group Conference Plus – East & Mid Devon
Family Group Conference Plus – Exeter
Family Group Conference Plus – Northern Devon
Family Group Conference Plus – Southern Devon
Family Intervention Service – East & Mid Devon
Family Intervention Service – Exeter
Family Intervention Service – Northern Devon
Family Intervention Service – Southern Devon
Fostering Assessment
Hillcrest Children’s Home – Honiton
Initial Response Service – East & Mid
Initial Response Service – Exeter
Initial Response Service – Northern
Initial Response Service – Southern
Meadowpark Children’s Home – Exeter
Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)
Permanency & Transition – East & Mid
Permanency & Transition – Exeter
Permanency & Transition – Northern
Permanency & Transition – Southern
Placements and Permanence
Promoting Stability Team
Quality Assurance  Reviewing & Safeguarding Service
Rehabilitation Officer for Visually Impaired Children (ROVIC) Service
Social Work Academy
Social Workers in School Team
Special Guardianship Support
Supervised Contact Service – East & Mid
Supervised Contact Service – Exeter
Supervised Contact Service – North
Supervised Contact Service – South
Supervised Contact Service – Support
Supervision and Quality Assurance – Exeter and DYPAS
Supervision and Quality Assurance – Mid & East
Supervision and Quality Assurance – North
Supervision and Quality Assurance – South & South Teign
Welland House Children’s Home – Barnstaple
Young People’s Substance Misuse Service (Y-SMART)
Devon Permanence and Fostering Service
Children’s Safeguarding

How many locum and permanent workers are working for the authority in social work?


Please note these numbers are for all staff in adults and children’s services – excluding commissioning teams. The occupants aren’t all social workers, just employees who work in these social care teams

Please provide a list list of Senior Management, Service Managers and Team Managers in Devon’s social work teams

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