Complaints – annual totals and processes

1)For the years 2007 – 2017 and 01/01/2018 – 28/08/2018 – how many complaints against the council have been registered by your county council? For reference, a complaint against a council may consist purely on an administrative error or it may also include a potentially criminal act and/or infringements of a complainants civil rights (legal and/or human rights).

Total DCC complaints received at all stages of all processes from April 2012 to August 2018. Retention period for complaints is 6 years so data only goes back to 2012
• 2012-13 – 1203
• 2013-14 – 2164
• 2014-15 – 2295
• 2015-16 – 2384
• 2016-17 – 1777
• 2017-18 – 1893
• 2018 to date – 785
• Total 12,501

2)1)In relation to the above questions, how many ended up being dealt with the following:
A) The Local Government Ombudsmen
B) The Police
C) Solicitors and/or the courts
D) Internally between the county council and the person(s) who issued the complaint

2a) Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman LGSCO complaints : 654
2b) We do not hold this information.
2c) We do not hold this information.
2d) To provide a response to this question would require a manual review of each of 12,501 cases at least ten minutes for each one would produce a total well in excess of the 18 hours specified under the Freedom of information Act Section 12 – Cost of Compliance