Domestic abuse

1. Total Council spending on domestic abuse services for each financial year between 2004-2005 and 2016-2017, inclusive.

Please see table available below for the information from 2009 onwards. We are unable to provide details in the same format prior to this date.

2. A breakdown of Council spending on domestic abuse services for each financial year between 2004/05 and 2016/17, inclusive. I would like to know how much was spent on specific services, e.g. refuges, advocacy, prevention efforts etc.

The table above in response to question 1 provides the maximum amount of detail we are able to provide. Devon County Council has never owned or operated refuges. During the last 5 years refuge places were commissioned through multi-agency working (i.e. not just Council), from 3 refuges. In 2013/14 the Domestic Violence services were tendered and the provision (commencing April 2014) now includes a “Places of Safety” scheme which provides the functionality previously achieved through the commissioning of refuges.

The Domestic Violence budget is funded by Devon County Council and other funding bodies which include the Police & Crime Commissioner, Clinical Commissioning Groups, District Councils and Safer Devon Partnership. The gross expenditure for each of the years has been provided, together with the amount that Devon County Council has contributed towards this. Whilst it is not possible to breakdown the expenditure into the specific categories requested, however, a high-level breakdown of the service has been provided.

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