Weavers Way Planning

The last five bungalows in Weavers Way were built in November 1974. I would like to know what provision was given to the road i.e. Turning point, parking and who is responsible for maintaining the road.

The builder must have had some say and the council must have had some input when the proposals for building the estate and extending the road now known as Weavers Way.

Devon County Council do not hold records from 1974 relating to the proposal and building of the 5 bungalows and extension of the road now known as Weavers Way.

Highways retention details can be viewed from the link provided.

I would like to see the proposal and drawings for the building of the 5 Bungalows and to extend the road now known as Weavers Way.

The extension of Weavers Way is not recorded as Highway Maintainable at Public Expense.

Highways Data found on the link provided, identifies highways maintainable at public expense.