Schools – pupil allocation

1. Please provide a copy of the full Autumn 2019 school census for Devon (showing the number on roll at each school and in each year group)

Autumn 2019 information is available online; it is a full school list.   It can be found at:

School statistics

2. Please confirm the current pupil yield methodology used by the council when assessing the impact of residential developments, including any supporting research or other documentation which has been used to define the child yield from new developments.

Please refer to Devon County Council’s Education Section 106 Infrastructure Approach, which can be found under the Policy’s section online at:

Pupil strategy

3. Regarding each of the schools in the Exeter City Council area:
(i) Please provide the Net Capacity Assessment form for each school, or if the school is now an academy, the most recent form which the Council holds.

All of these forms are available via the link below:

School forms

(ii) Please provide details of any plans to add capacity at any of these schools (whether this capacity has been added or not); please confirm how many school places these schools will have as a result and when these places will be available; and please confirm the capacity details of any new schools to be opened in the Exeter City Council area within the next 10 years. Please also confirm the source of funding for projects where such capacity has been added or will be added.

There are no current plans to expand existing provision within Exeter. Devon has previously forward funded the expansion of schools across the City in lieu of s106 funding coming forward.
New schools planned over the next 10 years are detailed in Devon’s Education Infrastructure Plan 2016-2033 which can be found online at: Pupil planning,

In summary:

– Monkerton Primary School – 630 places. 420 funded through Free School Programme and s106 as per Department of Education guidance November 2019
– Newcourt Primary School (Phase 2) – 420 places. Funding source – developer contributions
– Water Lane Primary School – 210 places. Funding source – developer contributions
– South West Exeter – 630 primary places, 750 secondary places. Potentially funded through Free School Programme and s106 as per DfE guidance November 2019

(iii) Please provide copies of all of the annual school place allocations statistics since 2012, including details of any out of catchment and/or any out of authority area pupils.

This is available in the spreadsheet via the link below:

School allocations

We can further clarify that no allocations were made to out-of-area/out of local authority pupils to Exeter schools between 2012- 2019, unless evidence was provided of a confirmed move to an Exeter address.


(iv) Please provide the latest available forecasts for the above schools (or for their respective school planning areas if individual school forecasts are not available);

Latest available Schools Forecast Module is available via the following website (Pupil forecast option) – with a search facility for forecasts for individual schools,

School census

(v) Please provide a list of consented developments included within these school forecasts, stating the planning application reference and number of dwellings.

There are no consented developments included within the school forecast data

(vi) Please confirm whether the pupil yield figures from unconsented residential developments are included in these forecasts (such as any sites in the current adopted Exeter Local Plan which are yet to come forward as a planning application).

There are no pupil yield figures from unconsented residential development included within the school forecast data

4. Please confirm the planning application number, and/or current Exeter Local Plan site reference, of any residential developments in the Exeter City Council area where Devon County Council has sought S106 education contributions since the adoption of the current Exeter Local Plan. For each site please also specify the amount of nursery, primary and secondary education contributions sought.

Exeter’s Core Strategy was implemented in 2012. Exeter City Council adopted its Community infrastructure Levy (CIL) policy from 1/12/13. The table available via the link below relates to requests made after the adoption of the Core Strategy but prior to CIL adoption. We are currently reviewing new applications and a number of applications as requested by Exeter City Council