Recycling and Waste

“I write to you under the Freedom of Information Act to request a list of all waste, dog, litter, recycling bins and household waste recycling centres in your area.

Please provide the information in the form of a CSV file or multiples specifying the GPS coordinates of each bin in one column and the type of bin in another column.

I am running a litter picking project which involves all County, District, Borough and City Councils Bin locations which the litter pickers then follow on a map, guided by bin locations.”

Please note that Devon County Council is not responsible for litter bins, dog bins or bring banks and therefore does not hold the information requested.  This is a function provided by District and Unitary councils in Devon. Please contact them directly using the information on the links provided.

Devon County Council operates the Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) but does not accept collected litter at these sites, so we do not believe them to fall within the remit of your request.  A list of recycling centres are publicly available on our website.  Further information regarding Waste and Recycling is also publicly available on our website.