Pupil Funding Levels for Primary and Secondary Schools

The Department for Education has stated that, from 2018-19, every school will attract a ‘minimum per-pupil funding level’.

In 2018-19, this will be £4,600 per secondary pupil, and £3,300 per primary pupil. This will rise the following year.

The DfE has also said that every school will receive a minimum cash increase of at least 0.5 per cent more, per pupil in 2018-19, than its baseline.

See p.8 for more details: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/648533/national_funding_formula_for_schools_and_high_needs-Exec_summary.pdf

1. Please could you list all the schools in your local authority area, together with the phase of education they teach (eg primary).

(a) Please state the minimum per-pupil amount that each school will receive in 2018-19, before any ‘additional’ factors (eg deprivation) are added.

(b) Please state the % per-pupil cash increase for each school in 2018-19, compared to the baseline.

If possible, please could you provide this information in a spreadsheet, using the following format: School/Phase/minimum per-pupil amount/per-pupil % increase.

Please see the response from Devon County Council in the completed spreadsheet which is available via the link below:

Pupil Funding levels for primary and secondary schools