Princess Road, Kingsteignton

“I am making an FOI please for all documentation relating to Princess Road, Kingsteignton, Devon from 1900 onwards relating to highways and properties.”

Princess Road, Kingsteignton, is a Category 9 Service Road, inspected annually.  The Road/Section Number is ‘L’.

We hold highways records from 2008 onwards, data prior to this date is no longer held in line with our Highway Retention Schedule which indicates how long each information type is kept.

Should you require earlier information, we advise that you may wish to contact the South West Heritage Trust, as some historical information may be held there.

Carriageway Safety Inspection dates for Princess Road are provided in the table below:-

Carriageway Safety Inspection Date Type of Inspection
2 July 2008 Routine annual inspection
6 August 2009 Routine annual inspection
11 December 2009 Ad hoc inspection
28 April 2010 Potholes only
24 May 2010 Routine annual inspection
26 October 2011 Ad hoc inspection (potholes only)
20 December 2011 Ad hoc inspection (potholes only)
13 February 2012 Routine annual inspection
23 February 2012 Ad hoc inspection (potholes only)
21 June 2012 Ad hoc inspection (potholes only)
13 August 2012 Ad hoc inspection (potholes only)
26 October 2012 Ad hoc inspection (potholes only)
4 January 2013 Ad hoc inspection (potholes only)
21 February 2013 Footway 4
1 March 2013 Routine annual inspection
14 May 2013 Ad hoc inspection (potholes only)
13 August 2013 Ad hoc inspection (potholes only)
27 January 2014 Footway 4
5 February 2014 Routine annual inspection
31 January 2015 Routine annual inspection
9 February 2015 Footway 4
14 January 2016 Routine annual inspection
15 January 2016 Footway 4
6 December 2016 Routine annual inspection
21 January 2017 Routine annual inspection
9 January 2018 Footway 4
14 February 2018 Routine annual inspection
10 January 2019 Routine annual inspection
23 January 2019 Ad-hoc inspection

Carriageway safety inspections are undertaken on a driven basis, with a driver and inspector, at a speed enabling the inspector to observe road surface condition and other associated defects.  Please refer to Devon County Council’s Highways Safety Policy on our website for further details.

Please find results of the carriageway safety inspections within the RMS Report

Within this CSM Report and Attachment to CMS Report you will find customer complaints received by the Council relating to Princess Road.

Information held relating to Gully Inspections is also provided.

There are no documents relating to Princess Road, Kingsteignton within the parish archived folder.

Please note that planning matters relating to properties are the responsibility of District and Unitary councils in Devon. Please contact them directly using the information on the links provided to obtain this information.