Pothole expenditure

1. Over the last 5 years. Are you able to obtain figures from your contractors and DCC staff with regards to how much money they have spent to send someone to inspect reported potholes?

Devon County Council (DCC) does not hold information from the contractors regarding their internal expenditure.  However, the cost to Devon County Council of using the contractors for maintaining highways maintainable at public expense is contained with the published budgets.  This is available online and can be found via the link below:


2. And is this charged to DCC?


3. And in cases where the defect did not meet pot hole requirements, and subsequently they were not repaired.

Please refer to the information available in the response to question 1.

4. How much of that cost was picked up by DCC? Or can you please explain how that cost is absorbed?

All costs associated with delivering highway maintenance contract through the current and previous contract are absorbed by DCC