Photography and filming data protection guidance

1. Can you please detail how your Council trains or provides guidance to all staff who undertake photography or filming activity?

All County Council staff are required to follow the Council’s Date Protection Policy and undertake regular Data Protection training. In addition, guidance on event planning is promoted to all staff which includes advice on the key points that staff must consider when undertaking photography or filming at an event or activity. Professional communication staff undertaking photography or filming activity are all trained in these policies and fully involved in the regular review and updating of practices in line with national guidance in the Code of Local Government Communication and good practice.

2. Do you have a policy or procedure for the taking of photographs or filming activity at events?

Please see the response to Question 1

3. How do you manage consent at Councils functions or events? Please supply a copy of any policies or procedure pertaining to same.

If the council is undertaking photography or filming that is directed to a named individual, we will seek the explicit consent of the individual in question. Consent is recorded on a Media Consent Form which is stored alongside the images captured in our media library.

4. Do you place notices or posters at events to give warning to attendees that photographs will be taken? If yes, please include a copy of the announcement, sign, advertisement or poster. If no, what is your procedure?

The council will normally notify attendees at an event that photography and/or filming is taking place. If this is in a public space, individuals will be given advance notice of where this is taking place, so that they can remove themselves from the area in question if needed. Signs and notices are occasionally used to alert members of the public attending an event and have been bespoke to a specific situation.

5. Do you have a ‘Planning an event’ checklist or procedure for staff? If yes, please supply a copy.

Please see the response to Question 1. This guidance has been published and is available to view on the council’s website.

6. If applicable, do you give notice on the event invitations that photographs will be taken? If yes, please include a copy.

The County Council hosts hundreds of meeting and events of many different types. We try to adopt the most appropriate and effective approach for each in line with our overall policies and guidelines.

7. Do you have a media consent form? If yes, please enclose a copy.

Please see the response to Question 3.

8. How do you manage consent for underage attendees?

The council will seek parental or guardian consent where appropriate.

9. How do you manage consent kids photos taken in your library service?

The Devon Library Service is a separate organisation – Libraries Unlimited – and no longer a part of the County Council. Libraries Unlimited are responsible for their own policies and guidelines about photography and filming consent. Please contact them directly using the information on the link provided.

10. How do you manage consent for photos taken for official use (used in publications, plans, reports, etc.)

Consent is managed in the same way. The council’s privacy notice outlines the potential uses that can be made of photographs or filming. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

11. Has your Council made any recommendations or reports to management concerning the taking of pictures or filming within your organisation? If so, please supply me with a copy

No formal reports or recommendations have been made to Full Council or the Leadership Group relating specifically to the taking of pictures or filming. This matter would be considered as part of our broader position on issues such as Data Protection and Safeguarding.