Parking Penalty Charge Notices

“Please supply the following information with regard to Parking PCN’s issued by your Council.
A summary data set of all penalty charge notices issued in the name of the issuing authority between 1st of December 2017 up to the 30th of November 2018. Identified by PCN number only.
The following information/outcomes should be included and appended:
Number of PCN The unique number under which the PCN was issued
Date of contravention UK format month/year only
Contravention code The contravention which caused the PCN to be issued.Please supply key to short codes if supplied in that form
Current status of any appeal Please append codes for the current status of the PCN. Statuses requested are; “Appealed successfully” ( should include cases successfully appealed to the Independent Arbitrator at time of Data extraction),
“Appealed unsuccessfully” PCN was appealed but the Authority or Independent Arbitrator and the authority has determined against the appeal.
“Appeal still being processed” (should include cases still open with the Independent Arbitrator and cases not yet determined by authority) .
“PCN withdrawn by authority” These can be included within “Appealed Successfully” if you wish. Please indicate on the output if this is the case with the data extraction you make.
Time limits for the Current Status should not be restricted to updates within the original date criteria although they should all refer to a case issued between those dates. Status updates should therefore be from the 01/12/2017 up to the present /current date at the time of the data extraction.
Note should you wish to output the “current status” data as a separate file with key codes or a separate file for each status the original PCN number should be included. The basic selection would still be for the original PCN having been issued between 1st of December 2017 up to the 30th of November 2018 however the most up to date status to the PCNs (up to the date of extraction for the data) should be used for the data selection regarding the current appeal status.(Please supply the date of extraction for this field).

Please supply in digital form CSV, or Excel.

Devon County Council’s Response.

In addition to the above could you please confirm:-

Appeals by email . Do you accept them?  No.

If yes, please supply relevant email address  Please see response to question above.

Discounted fines and appeals Where a discounted rate is offered by the authority for an early payment, if an appeal is made within that time period does the discount apply for a period of time after a negative determination is made? (please supply any conditions/rules that apply)?”  Yes, it does.  If the appeal is received within the first 14 days and is rejected, our Policy is to re-offer a further period of 14 days in which the fine can be settled at the discounted amount.  The 14 day period commences from the date of our response letter.