Maintaining paths

Please inform me what provision you have for maintaining the DCC path leading from Drake Avenue Teignmouth towards Frobisher Woods. Please specifically indicate what provision there is for cleaning and what provision there is for maintaining the adjoining hedge to maintain access.


Devon County Council categorise this footway as an F4 which is our lowest category of footway.


We are responsible for maintaining the surface and structure of the path itself, with all adjacent hedges being in private ownership.


There is no specific budget made available for maintaining or cleaning this particular footway – footway maintenance sites across the County are identified through the use of Asset Management principles and condition survey data.


Cleaning of footways is identified on a site by site, priority basis – and there is a limited budget available for such work.


It is however, inspected annually with safety defects recorded and actioned in accordance with our policy.


Reports of problems received, are routinely investigated by officers and appropriate action taken.


As the boundary hedges are privately owned, it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain them. If they are obstructing the path, landowners can be written to and enforcement action taken as required.


Further information on how we plan our spending and allocate budgets can be found via this link –


Further information regarding overgrown vegetation can be found via this link –