Invoice process and systems – 2019-2020

1. What is your current invoice process

Electronic submission of invoices are picked and dealt with via our invoice reading system P2P. Paper invoices mailed are dealt with by the accounts receivable team.

2. What systems do you use for managing and processing invoices and also for catalogues

Invoices –  Readsoft for document processing, P2P for invoice payments, interfacing to Finest which is our MAS.

3. How many invoices were processed in FY19?

P2P: 50890
OneBill: 4758
Connect 2; 1400
LMS: 287
RMS; 5790
TRAMS: 24751
Capital; 4191
Total: 92067

This does not include schools who use  their own  systems

4. In what format do you currently receive invoices?

Paper and Electronic

5. Are you currently meeting the EU eInvoicing Directive 2014/55/EU?


6. How many EDI invoices were processed in FY19?


7. Do Accounts Payable check every invoice received?

To ensure HMRC compliance. Budget holders/approvers make checks for accuracy / appropriateness of spend.

8. Does the authority currently have a PO system or non PO system?


9. What is the split between PO and non PO invoices?

PO 13.6% 55,171
Non PO 86.4% 350,035

The majority of payments (91%) are made via interfacing systems.

10. Do you have an invoice matching process? If so, is this done manually?

Yes, P2P system matches invoices to PO’s. GRN’s also used for Goods Orders.

11. How are you currently reporting on invoice spend?

We do not specifically report on invoice spend.

12. Are you claiming back VAT on invoices?


13. How many FTE’s do you have in your AP team?

Payments Helpdesk FTE is 3.

14. What % of invoices were paid late in FY19?

5.71% of undisputed invoices were paid more than 30 days after the invoice date

15. What are your top 5 types of spend?

Care Spot – Private (3rd) 210,036,473.53
Main / Term Contractor 47,408,933.20
Individualised Support – Private (3rd) 45,769,251.16
Independent Special School Fees 29,041,151.40
Residential Care – Private (3rd) 19,488,750.51

We should clarify that this excludes Employees, Capital, Direct Payments and Grants