Interpretation and translation services – 2018-2020

1. Please can you complete the information below regarding your interpretation, translation and British sign language services being used at your organisation.

2. Can you please tell me who your current supplier(s) is and provide a breakdown of the cost of the services.

This can be seen online at: Communication support suppliers

We do not hold the information regarding detailed rates as we do not maintain a central budget.

3. Please list your top ten most popular languages for the last 2 years

These are published online at:

Languages in Devon

4. Can you please provide details of your current provider(s) (company name, date contract was awarded and date of renewal?

Please see our responses to the questions above and we can confirm that a review is to take place in 2021.

5. What language services have you provided during the COVID19 pandemic?

We do not provide language services. However we have published information about other formats and languages relating to coronavirus on our website which can be seen at: Information about coronavirus in different languages

6. How many interpreting requests have not been filled during the COVID 19 pandemic and what languages were they?

We do not hold this information

Are you providing video interpreting services? How is this being provided and what are the costs per minute?

We do not provide video interpreting services.
BSL video remote is provided to the Council by Sign Solutions.

We do not hold the information regarding costs per minute as we do not maintain a central budget.

7. Can you please provide the name and contact details of the person responsible for the set up and implementation for Interpreting and Translation services.

We don’t have a senior responsible officer for interpreting services. Any interest can be registered via the website Supplying the Southwest