Haldon View Terrace, Exeter

I would like information regarding safety inspections carried out in Haldon View Terrace, Exeter, for potholes, in the last two years. The details of any complaints and/or enquiries for this stretch of road in the last two years.

A record of the safety inspections, any defects found and the subsequent action taken can be seen via the link below:


A record of all enquiries and complaints made can be found via the link below.  Redactions have been made to prevent the possible disclosure of information which would identify individuals who have made the enquiries.  Any information which may identify an individual is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 40(2) Personal Data.


Also the intended frequency of carriageway safety inspections. Whether or not the authorities have formally adopted all or part of the standard contained within the national code of practice for highways maintenance management.

Maintenance of this highway is subject to the Devon County Council code of practice for safety inspections which can be seen online at:


With reference to this code of practice, we can confirm that the carriageway is identified as a 7 Collector Road  and is therefore subject to inspections once every six months.  The footway is identified as F1 Primary Walking Route  and is therefore subject to monthly inspections.