Grounds care

I would like to request some specific information under The Freedom of Information Act. Details below.
Name, job title, email and telephone number of the person responsible for managing the groundscare/ open spaces, including recreational parks and anywhere else you are responsible for grass cutting such as highway verges.

Matthew Chapman(Grounds & Trees Contract Manager), – 01392 383000 & ask for Matthew Chapman

In relation to Highways, the responsible person is:

Meg Booth, Acting Chief Officer Highways Infrastructure Development and Waste,, 01392 383000

Is the mowing out sourced to a contractor? If so, who?

Highways verges and other related highways groundscare are the responsibility of Skanska Infrastructure Services, our Highways Term Maintenance Contractor

For Stover and the Grand Western Canal Country parks the work is not outsourced to a contractor; work is carried out by country park staff.

Plandscape based in Exeter are our Corporate Grounds Maintenance Contractor, and Devon Norse look after two sites in Exeter and carry out a small amount of Grounds maintenance.

Schools in Devon are responsible to engage their groundscare contractors directly & there will be a wide range of contractors. As this is the direct responsibility of schools, Devon County Council do not hold this further information.


List of all mowing machinery owned by the council excluding any hand held machinery e.g. pedestrian mowers and strimmer’s. Please include brand/model and/or type e.g. rotary, cylinder, flail

For Stover and the Grand Western Canal Country parks: Equipment : ‘walk-behind’ hand-operated BCS cutting scythe ; Etesia Atilla 95 ride-on mower/brush cutter
(All other equipment is hand held)

For clarification, Devon County Council do not hold the information with regard to the equipment owned by the contractors, including Skanska, Plandscape, Devon Norse or those directly contracted by the schools.