Domiciliary Care

1. Details of the lowest, highest and average fee hourly rates agreed with external suppliers of the following services for 2017/2018:
a. Domiciliary care services for the elderly in their own home.
b. Domiciliary care services for adults under the age of 65 in their own home with specialist care needs such as learning disabilities, autism or physical disabilities.
(Please note that for questions 1a and 1b, we do not require details of rates paid to individual suppliers, simply minimum, maximum and average rates payable.)

We do not differentiate between age or client groups. Price range for our Living Well at Home service is as follows:
£15.08 – £22.00 Average £18.10 as at July 2017

2. Details of the minimum, maximum and average amount agreed per night for sleep in shifts delivered to adults under the age of 65, with specialist care needs.

Sleep – in rates agreed as part of our Living Well at Home contract is £8.29 – £18.88 average £13.28
Sleep – in rates in Supported Living are part of a different arrangement and are not separately described

3. Details of the percentage increase in hourly fee rates which were awarded to the previous year’s levels.

We have interpreted you mean to personal care – 3.15%

4. Details of the number of hours provided in the week commencing 24 April 2017 for:
a. elderly domiciliary care;

27,741 b. specialist care (incorporating mental health, learning disabilities, physical disabilities).

5. Of the hours listed in answer to question 4, please advise:
a. what percentage was delivered by the independent sector,

100% of personal care

b. what percentage was delivered by the local authority, and
c. what percentage was under direct payments/independent budgets.

It is not possible to answer this as Direct Payments are not coded in this way and are not recorded by percentage, therefore we do not hold this information

6. Total cost in the week commencing 24 April 2017 of the care hours provided by independent providers in both categories of care.