Complaints of Alleged Sexual Harassment/abuse by Councillors



“Please can you tell me how many complaints of alleged sexual harassment/ abuse by a Councillor your authority received between 1 January 2014 and 27 November 2017?

For each complaint received please can you provide details of;

1) The nature of the allegation/s

2) When it was made

3) Who made the complaint*

4) Where it was said to have taken place

5) Whether it was investigated

6) The result of the investigation

*Re point 3 I only ask that you specify whether the complaint was lodged by an elected official, council employee or member of the public.”



Whilst Devon County Council received no complaints of alleged sexual harassment or abuse by a Councillor in their capacity as a County Councillor between 1 January 2014 and 27 November 2017, we are aware of two instances of alleged abuse concerning County Councillors acting in their capacity as district councillors.

These matters have been subject to Standards Committee processes within the districts they represent and no formal process was therefore pursued by the County Council.