Care and support services – financial assessment

1. Do you complete a financial assessment to confirm whether vulnerable adults with care and support needs can afford to contribute to their care package?


2. Charging for care and support services can be very complex and difficult for vulnerable adults (or their representatives) to understand. How do you support understanding in this area?

A factsheet is available, a copy of which can be seen via the link below:


Information is also available online at: Paying for care

3. Do you receive complaints about charging vulnerable adults for care and support services?


4. If yes, what was the total number of complaints you received in adult social care across the financial years for 2017 ‘ 2018, 2018 ‘ 2019, 2019 ‘ 2020, and how many related to charging either wholly or partially? 

We can confirm the following information:

2017-18 – 11
2018-19 – 26
2019-20  – 11*

*As this financial year is not yet concluded, this is the total as of 29 February 2020.

5. Do you use online tools or systems to support vulnerable adults in understanding how much they might have to pay for services? If yes, what systems and tools are used?

Please to refer to our response to question 2 above and the online website which provides information.  Both the website and the factsheet contain examples to assist understanding.

6. Do you have a financial assessment calculator either online or through an app, which vulnerable adults can complete to get an idea of what they may have to pay for their care package, prior to a full financial assessment?


7. If yes, who provides this system? 

8. What did it cost to implement the system and what does it subsequently cost on an annual basis? 

Following our response to question 6, we hold no information in relation to questions 7 and 8.