Alcohol and Drug Support Services Spend

How much money has the council spent on alcohol and drug support services including rehabilitation services. Could I please have this information broken down in calendar year (or financial year if that is not possible). I would like to have information for the past 5 years including partial information on funding from this year.”

Financial Year Alcohol and Drug Support Services (including rehabilitation) Spend
2013/14 £6,669,362
2014/15 £6,219,600
2015/16 £6,303,748
2016/17 £6,161,651
2017/18 £5,472,730
2018/19 £5,635,388

The Council’s overall public health grant budget can be found Under “grants and contributions” by following the links to the Budget Book pages for each year.

The Council has no plans to cut spending on drug and alcohol treatment services in 2019/20.