A30/A303/A358 improvement project

Please disclose all meeting notes, documents, correspondence, traffic modelling etc. you hold from the A30/A303/A358 improvement project meetings between the start of 2013 to the current date.

All scheme documents are available online from the scheme website

These include the following traffic modelling reports under the ‘Outline Business Case’ tab: Local Model Validation Report, Forecasting Report and Economics Report

Are there any plans for improvements to the Exeter-bound A303/A30 between Ilminster and Honiton? If so, please disclose all meeting notes, correspondence, plans, traffic modelling, bids for funding etc.

Devon County Council has progressed a scheme to improve the A30 Honiton to Devonshire Inn, and has recently submitted an Outline Business Case to the Department for Transport. The Outline Business Case supports a bid to the Department for Transport for scheme funding of the section of the A30 trunk road between Honiton and Devonshire Inn (the junction of the A30 with the A303) and for development funding of the section of the A303 trunk road between Devonshire Inn and Marsh.

Full details of the Outline Business Case submitted to the Department for Transport is available from the scheme website.

Has DCC ever opposed diverting Exeter-bound traffic from the direct A303/A30 route (via Honiton) by sending traffic via the A358 to a new M5 junction at Taunton? If so, please disclose all notes, correspondence, plans, traffic modelling etc.

Devon County Council has never opposed diverting traffic via the A358. The A30 Honiton to Devonshire Inn business case demonstrates that the A30 and A358 improvements complement each other, serving different, but equally vital, needs.