COVID-19 cases in schools – January 21 to date

How many Covid cases there are currently in schools in Devon, particularly in the south of the region. 

7 – Source Department of Education (DfE) data as of 01/04/2021.  The data was supplied by schools to DfE

The student years these occur in, if possible. Certainly, differentiating between primary and secondary

Primary – 2

Secondary – 5

How many students are isolating/off school due to coming into contact with those cases (and years)


If any year groups/schools have had to close as a result.

Primary – 2

Secondary – 4

If possible, whether these positive cases are confirmed by PCR test, and how they were identified, eg by lateral flow at home, lateral flow at school, PCR in the first instance

4 – confirmed as PCR

1 – currently LFT and we are awaiting PCR confirmation.