Penalty Charge Notices guidance and training

Policy and guidance documents that are available to council officers who are tasked with considering the question of whether a Penalty Charge Notice should be cancelled. For the avoidance of doubt, this request covers any policy that is published or otherwise publicly available, plus any internal council guidance or policy that is only available internally to council staff (such as any internal policy that outlines in what circumstances the council may exercise its discretionary powers to cancel a PCN).

Civil Parking Enforcement policy and guidance information is available on our public website.

Training material that is used to train the council officers who make decisions regarding the cancellation of PCNs. This should cover only training material that is directly relevant to their role in deciding whether a council PCN should be cancelled, any other training material (such as generic council training, health and safety, GDPR or training related to other roles or functions) is not within the scope of this request.

We do not hold this information. Please see the response to the previous question.