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On-street parking

Income from Civil Parking Enforcement Activities

The number of parking spaces in Devon.
January 2015
August 2017
November 2019
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Standard Operating Procedure
The Civil Enforcement Officer Standard Operating Procedure is available in PDF format or in Markdown format. Markdown is a text-only version and is provided to enable easier reuse of the policy, such as copying and pasting to a new document – it should not be relied on for accuracy and the PDF version remains the definitive version.

The Notice Processing Guide is also available as a PDF document, and in Markdown format – again, the PDF should be used as the definitive version.

Addresses eligible for a parking permit.  The data are available as a CSV file (5.3MB) or as an Excel file (4.3MB).

More information is available on the Council’s Parking web pages.

Further information about Markdown is available on Wikipedia.