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Cranbrook Education Campus

Section 6A of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 places the Local Authority under a duty to seek proposals to establish an academy/free school where there is a need for a new school.

Devon is an area of growth with approximately 80,000 new homes planned over the next 15-20 years. The Education Infrastructure Plan 2013-2031 sets out the County’s strategic objectives, methodology, policies and principles for meeting the needs of Devon’s children.

In east Devon a new community is being established at Cranbrook which is likely to see growth to 6,000 dwellings by 2026 and potentially a further 1,000 dwellings by 2033 and building is currently underway on providing 3,500 new homes. The following will be required:

420 primary places with early years provision and up to 1,000 secondary places within one campus development to be open by September 2015. A successful bid to the Homes and Communities Agency has provided forward funding to construct the new education campus and a contract has recently been let by the New Community Partners and is due to be completed by May 2015.

(Proposals can be for separate provision but will be required within the one campus development)

More information about the Cranbrook Education Campus >

Update – October 2014

Assessments for the new sponsor were considered by the Regional Commissioner for the South West and it has been agreed in principle that the successful proposer is the Ted Wragg Trust.

The proposal is for an all-through academy for 2-16 years olds with effect from September 2015. Details of the name of the school, admissions policy, etc. will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Further details on the Cranbrook education campus and The Ted Wragg Trust can be found at