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Straitgate and Hillhead Quarry – Proofs of Evidence


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POE1 Devon County Council

POE1.1.1 Thomson (Hydrogeology) Summary Proof

POE1.1.2 Thomson (Hydrogeology) Proof

POE1.2.1 Steed (Trees and Hedgerows) Summary Proof

POE1.2.2 Steed (Trees and Hedgerows) Proof

POE1.3.1 Mason (Ecology) Proof

POE1.3.2 Mason (Ecology) Summary Proof

POE1.4.1 Froneman (Heritage) Summary Proof

POE1.4.2 Froneman (Heritage) Proof

POE1.4.3 Froneman (Heritage) Appendices to Proof

POE1.5.1 Upton (Planning) Summary Proof

POE1.5.2 Upton (Planning) Proof

POE2 Aggregate Industries

POE2.1.1 Shaun Salmon (Hydrogeology) Summary Proof

POE2.1.2 Shaun Salmon (Hydrogeology) Proof

POE2.2.1 John Heathcote (Hydrogeology) Summary Proof

POE2.2.2 John Heathcote (Hydrogeology) Proof

POE2.3.1 Richard Breakspear (Hydrology and flood risk) Summary Proof

POE2.3.2 Richard Breakspear (Hydrology and flood risk) Proof

POE2.4 Tim Malim (Heritage) Proof

POE2.5.1 Simon Tucker (Transport) Summary Proof

POE2.5.2 Simon Tucker (Transport) Proof

POE2.6.1 Stuart Wilson (Ecology) Summary Proof

POE2.6.2 Stuart Wilson (Ecology) Proof

POE2.6.3 Stuart Wilson (Ecology) Proof Appendix A

POE2.6.4 Stuart Wilson (Ecology) Proof Appendix B

POE2.6.5 Stuart Wilson (Ecology) Proof Appendix C

POE2.6.6 Stuart Wilson (Ecology) Proof Appendix D

POE2.7.1 Nigel Gould (Planning) Summary Proof

POE2.7.2 Nigel Gould (Planning) Proof

POE3 Rule 6 Party

POE3.1.1 Rupert Thistlethwayte Summary Proof

POE3.1.2 Rupert Thistlethwayte Proof

POE3.1.3 Rupert Thistlethwayte Proof Appendices

POE3.2.1 Rick Brassington (Hydrogeology) Summary Proof

POE3.2.2 Rick Brassington (Hydrogeology) Proof

POE3.2.3 Rick Brassington (Hydrogeology) Proof Appendices

POE3.3.1 Laura Horner (Planning) Summary Proof

POE3.3.2 Laura Horner (Planning) Proof

POE3.4.1 Alex Meletiou (Farm Management) Summary Proof

POE3.4.2 Alex Meletiou (Farm Management) Proof