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Local Liaison Groups

Once an application has been determined, particularly for a significant minerals or waste development, a Local Liaison Group may be set up. These groups discuss any changes to the site since the last meeting, any issues with the site and operations, any future or current plans for the site and any other information that may be of relevance, such as updates on policy documents by the County Council. These groups usually include representatives from the parish council, relevant district council, Devon County Council, the waste or mineral operators and in some cases the Environment Agency.

Although these groups may be formed through the efforts of the County Council and the planning process, they are not the responsibility or owned by the County Council, usually it is the site owner or operator who facilitate the meetings. This results in each group having different formats, focuses and terms of reference.

The Local Liaison Groups aim to meet at least once a year and the minutes of the latest meetings held can be found below. The minutes will be provided as soon as they become available to the County Council.

This page is currently under development, with information being uploaded when it becomes available. If you have any comments, please email