Funding Friday

Tesco Community Grants

Grants up to £1,500 for community and voluntary groups, registered charities, schools and non-profit organisations are available for local good causes that focus on supporting children and families in the UK.

Eligible projects and organisations are voted on in-store by Tesco customers by inserting a (usually blue) token against their preferred project. Projects change every 3 months. There is no requirement for matched funding, although awards can be used as matched funding.

Three levels of funding are available:

1. Projects that receive the most tokens receive a grant of up to £1,500.

2. Projects that receive the second-most tokens receive a grant of up to £1,000, while

3. Projects receiving the least votes receive a grant of up to £500.

To apply, organisations should complete the Eligibility Quiz on the Tesco Community Grants website. Eligible organisations can then complete the application form. Please note that applicants must name their local Tesco store as part of their application (there’s also a Postcode Checker on the Tesco website).

Applications may be made at any time via the Tesco Community Grants website.

Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Grants

Grants up to £1,000 for school Breakfast Clubs in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Breakfast food manufacturer, Kellogg’s, which has its UK headquarters in Salford, Greater Manchester, has teamed up with Forever Manchester to award grants of £1,000 to help school Breakfast Clubs provide breakfast for children who are most in need.

As a small number of grants are available – usually one per UK region each year – with priority given to those schools that have 35% or more children in receipt of pupil premium funding and eligible for free school meals.

Please note that schools which have secured funding from Magic Breakfast or the Greggs Foundation in the current academic year are unlikely to receive a grant.

Schools can apply via the online application form available on the Forever Manchester website.

Applications may be made at any time. Schools will be informed within one month of submitting their application whether they have been successful in securing a grant.

The D C R Allen Charitable Trust

Grants averaging £3,721 for registered charities in England, Scotland and Wales which are providing projects in the areas of education, medical care and young people.

Family grant-making Trust, the D C R Allen Charitable Trust provides grants of between £500 and £20,000 to registered charities in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Trust aims to support as many charities as possible working in the areas of:

  • Education
  • Medical care and treatment
  • Young people.

The Trust also occasionally supports disability projects.

The Trust does not maintain a website, however there is no application deadline and applications may be made at any time in writing to;

Julie Frusher
The D C R Allen Charitable Trust
The Estate Office
Edgcote House
Edgcote Nr. Banbury
OX17 1AG