Funding Friday

The Fore RAFT Transition Fund

Grants of up to £15,000 are available to help high-impact small charities and social enterprises recover from the crisis, move toward becoming sustainable, and adjust to the post-coronavirus world
Application deadline: 19 October 2020 (only organisations that register when the round opens on 21 September can apply)
The Fore RAFT Transition Fund is designed to support small charities and social enterprises as they adapt to the post-lockdown world. Funding will enable grantees to strengthen their organisations, plan ahead, become more sustainable and refocus on the new needs of their beneficiaries.
The Fore is particularly looking to fund small organisations working with marginalised groups and led by people in the community that may have found it hard to access trust and foundation funding in the past.
Any registered charity, CIC, CIO or Community Benefit Society with turnover of under £500,000 in the last financial year is eligible to apply.
Register on 21 September 2020: to apply for funding, organisations must register at the start of each funding round.