Equality objectives and action plan

Corporate equality objectives and targets (‘business as usual’)

Please note that our objectives and targets are currently being updated.

Objective / target Outcomes

1. Equality Reference Group (ERG) provides insight and challenge.


The ERG provides insight and challenge on equality, diversity and inclusion through ERG Surgeries or involvement in other activities such as Scrutiny Committee Task and Finish Groups, ensuring that service plans and policies include sufficient equality considerations, recognising good practice and impact of work, and helping the organisation to ‘join up’.

About the Equality Reference Group

Equality Reference Group newsletters

2. 100% of decisions to Cabinet include a sufficient equality impact assessment.


Impact Assessment is used to ensure DCC meets its Public Sector Equality Duties and puts people at the heart of decisions.

This target is reported internally via risk management.

View Published Impact Assessments.

3. Address unacceptable behaviour and discrimination.


Unacceptable behaviour (including sexual harassment) is monitored to ensure incidents are resolved satisfactorily.

DCC continuously promotes a culture of ‘zero tolerance’ and ‘it’s OK to say it’s not OK’ to ensure staff feel safe and respected.

Information on complaints and incidents

Reporting incidents of discrimination

4. Awareness raising through events and information sharing.

Communities, staff and Members have a good understanding of inequalities, diversity and inclusive approaches.

Diversity is celebrated and diverse communities feel safe and have a sense of belonging in Devon.

Relevant DCC services, information and employment opportunities are promoted to diverse communities.

5. Staff influence.


Staff networks and groups are supported and promoted, ensuring members have a voice and can influence policy and practice.

Current staff networks and forums.

6. Robust evidence base.


Data and information (including feedback) about our diverse communities and workforce is used to inform our strategies, policies and practice.

Key sources of information:

7. Training and development.

Training and development options on equality, diversity and inclusion are available to all staff to ensure compliance with equality legislation and responsive services and employment practice.

Current options include:

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion essentials (mandatory)

Advanced equality diversity and inclusion:

  • Deaf Awareness
  • Understanding Race Bias
  • Neurodiversity

Training and development options can be accessed through DeL (access to DCC only).

At October 2022: 4,792 members of staff have completed the mandatory ‘essentials’ course. 250 have completed the Understanding Race Bias course. Workforce headcount is 5,345 however, course data is currently not linked to employee records and therefore we cannot give an accurate percentage of current staff completions.


Project based corporate equality objectives

Activity Why is this needed? When Further information and progress
7. Develop further equality learning and development options 

We need to continue to ensure staff are competent at meeting people’s needs, reducing inequalities and eliminating unlawful discrimination.

We have published a Diversity Guide and e-learning packages but need to develop more.


Phase 3: January to July 2021

Phase 4:

From July 2021

Phase 3:

Pilot of Let’s Explore Race cultural competency and anti-racism mentoring programme for Leadership Group.

The Pilot is complete and a ‘mini programme’ for some senior leaders is in progress. It is anticipated an extended programme will be delivered during 2024.

Phase 4:

Development of more Advanced Equality, Diversity and Inclusion e-learning packages including Neurodiversity Awareness, Disability Awareness and LGBT+ Awareness.

Neuro-diversity e-learning published October 2022.

9.   Review and report on progress against the BSL Charter Devon County Council led the development and implementation of a Devon BSL Charter. The Devon Charter has been replaced by a national Charter from the British Deaf Association and we would like to align to the national Charter. The Charter helps us ensure that Deaf people can access our services and information including with access to video interpreting and BSL video information. Date to be revised On hold due to delays caused by coronavirus pandemic.
10. Review interpreting and translation provision. We have a contract for British Sign Language interpreting, but foreign language has always been on an ad-hoc basis due to low usage. In the past, we have supported the development of local interpreting provision. Although still relatively low spend, with increasing usage arising from work such as supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, we need to review our provision so that people who do not speak English can access our services and information through us having access to cost effective and good quality interpreting services. Date to be revised Review of foreign language interpreting and translation provision underway but completion delayed due to pandemic.
13. Achieve 95% completion of DCC staff diversity data for ethnicity and disability.

DCC has introduced a new HR system which offers the option of self-completion.

We need to increase the number of staff completing their diversity data so that effective workforce monitoring can take place.

Activity monitored via Risk Register.

Target and date to be revised

We are regularly reminding staff to update their records and seeing an increase in the number of records completed.

% of staff that have completed their diversity data fields at September 2022:

Religion – 42%

Nationality – 65%

Ethnicity – 64%

Disability – 30% have marked their ‘disability status’ and 34% have completed a ‘disability description’.

Sexual orientation – 38%

Gender reassignment – 34%


14. Address systemic racism.

20 years on from the Race Relations (Amendment) Act, despite there being a duty to advance equality, the coronavirus pandemic and UK Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted that the pace of change has been too slow.


From January 2020.

A Race Equality Audit was published in January 2022. An Anti-Racism Framework and Race Equality Action Plan was published in October 2022 to address the findings of the audit.

The Let’s Explore Race Mentoring pilot is complete (see above).

Implementation of an Anti-Racism Commitment to ensure a safe and inclusive working environment for ethnically diverse staff.

Information to staff about anti-racism at DCC.

15. Review and improve facilities for prayer and contemplation. Users of the Prayer and Contemplation Room at County Hall have told us that the current facilities require modernisation and relocation to a room that is easier to access. As part of this review there is scope to consider facilities at other DCC sites.


From September 2022.

Completion date to be confirmed.

Work has begun on new multifaith and belief prayer and contemplation facilities which are welcoming to, and meet the needs of, staff, potential staff and visitors.

Current facilities are located in the Annexe basement at County Hall.

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