Vision of equality and fairness

In October 2012 Devon County Council published the Devon Joint Declaration for Equality which was developed in partnership with the public and the voluntary and community sector.  

Freedom from discrimination and equality of opportunity are basic rights. As a co-creator and signatory of the Joint Declaration, Devon County Council is committed to challenging inequality and celebrating diversity to achieve the following Vision of Equality and Fairness: 

  • People can achieve their own potential and a good quality of life.
  • Everyone can access services, facilities or information. Different needs are always taken into account.
  • There is public involvement and influence in decision making, planning, policy and service delivery. People are consulted and listened to through wide, fair and effective representation. There is a strong understanding of the diverse range of needs in Devon’s communities, their make-up and changing nature.
  • Devon is a strong, safe and inclusive community.  There are good relations between different communities. People are treated with dignity and respect at work, as customers, and in the community.
  • People have trust and confidence to report incidents of abuse or discrimination. Concerns are addressed.
  • Our workforce, at all levels, is supported and broadly reflects the diversity of the community. There is fair pay and employment practice, equal opportunities to progress and develop, and access to flexible working and family-friendly arrangements.

This vision will be used to measure outcomes as part of our action planning and performance monitoring.