Contemplation and prayer facilities

As part of our commitment to employee wellbeing and diversity, we provide Contemplation and Prayer Rooms at County Hall and Great Moor House. We are considering rooms at other locations.

What can the room be used for?

The room can be used for prayer, contemplation or meditation. Instructions for use are below.

Where is the room and what is it like?

County Hall

The room is number 271, on the second floor of the main building. From main reception, take the stairs on the left through the glass doors, or the lift to the second floor. The room is just beyond the glass enclosed meeting room (‘the goldfish bowl’). The room is clearly marked with signage. Please ask main reception for directions or assistance if needed. Visitors will need to ensure their security pass will give them access to the area.

The room is simply furnished and decorated. The room is accessible to wheelchair users, however the door is not automated.

Men’s toilet facilities are located along the corridor and the nearest women’s toilet is on the floor below. There are plans for washing and wudu facilities to be created. In the meantime, washing facilities are located in the main building on the ground floor (this room also includes an accessible toilet, is a gender-neutral single unit, and is located beside the entrance to the archway leading to the Committee Suites). Facilities are also available in the Annexe Basement and Lucombe House.

The room needs to be booked in advance (see instructions for use below). Please check it is available before use.

Pictures of the room

The doors to the lift on the second floor are dark brown. There is a sign above the lift door saying "second floor".
Lift on the second floor. On exiting the lift, the room is to the left.
Picture of the corridor leading to the contemplation and prayer room. The floor is dark wooden parquet flooring. The wooden door at the end is dark brown. To the right there is a glass enclosed meeting room.
If using the stairs, the room is straight ahead, just beyond the glass meeting room.
A sign to the right of the door says Devon County Council Contemplation and Prayer Room. There is a sliding arrow underneath which can indicate if the room is full (slide left), part vacant (slide to the middle) or vacant (slide to the right).
The room has a sign outside which indicates its availability. Don’t forget to adjust this before and after use.
A picture of the room, it is bright and spacious. There are two windows with cream coloured roller-blinds. The first part of the room has a varnished wooden floor. There is seating in the room - tables and a round table, and grey sofa and cushions. There is a grey space divider to the right and beyond the divider, the room has a beige carpet and an orange sofa.Please remove your shoes before walking on the carpet.
The floor is half carpeted and half wooden. Please remove your shoes before walking on the carpet.
The room to the door is open and just inside there are two bright orange chairs with armrests, a large pot plant, and a white oval table.
There are plenty of seating options in the room.
At the far end of the room, beyond the screen there is carpet. The walls are white and the carpet is beige. There is a comfy orange sofa on the carpet.
Carpeted area
A grey sofa is also available in the room. There are two white cushions on the sofa with black lines as a pattern. There is a door at the far end but this is locked shut. Behind the sofa is a small recess.
Wooden floor area

Great Moor House

A temporary small room has been allocated (formerly HR Meeting Room 2), please ask reception staff for availability and directions. The room can be accessed by lifts or stairs close by. The room is accessible to wheelchair users, however the door is not automated.

There are washing facilities in the building for staff and visitors.

A more permanent location for the room is under consideration.

Pictures of the room

A corridor with a navy blue carpet and a wooden door with a notice on it saying Bowden Meeting Room. To the right of the door is a window.
Contemplation and prayer facility at Great Moor House
A picture of a room with white walls and a navy carpet. There is a white round clock on the wall to the right, and a leafy green plant on a white table. At the far end of the room is a comfy orange sofa with two seats.
Inside the room

This picture is looking at the room from the angle of the orange sofa. The door at the end of the room is opened slightly. The room is small and oblong shaped, it is simply furnished and has a sense of calm.

Instructions for use

Our rooms provide a place for staff, Members, contractors and visitors to go when they need time to meditate, worship or contemplate. It can be used for individual or group prayer or meditation.

This space is NOT available as a quiet or confidential meeting room. People wishing to discuss problems or private issues with another, or to simply relax, should seek alternative accommodation or make use of the extensive grounds at County Hall (when the weather is nice!). ‘The Bistro’ is designated as a quiet space at Great Moor House.

Please observe these instructions for use:

  • Remove your shoes on entry (a shoe rack is available at County Hall).
  • Users can adjust the furniture but must return the room to its original state after use.
  • Do not remove any furniture or items from the room.
  • Unless booked for collective prayer or meditation, the room will be a silent area. Please ensure mobile phones are on silent.
  • Keep the room clean and tidy.
  • Ensure that any personal religious artefacts are removed or placed in the locker (available at County Hall) following use.
  • Where provided, please only use the designated space for any leaflets that are relevant to users.
  • Do not take food or drink into the space.
  • Respect those who may be praying (for example, don’t walk across someone in an act of worship).

Staff can observe daily prayer in DCC buildings as part of their working hours and do not need to obtain permission from their line manager.

How to book the room at County Hall

Room booking should be done online through your Outlook – as you would make a normal appointment and book a room. The room is called: ‘Exeter, County Hall – Room Quietspace’. Visitors to County Hall may ask Main Reception to make a booking on their behalf.

The room booking is for exclusive use. However if you do not mind other people using the room at the same time or you wish to hold collective prayer, then please state in your room booking subject line ‘Shared Use Welcome’. Please also specify the religion, belief or activity in the subject line.

A sign outside the room will indicate whether it’s vacant, part vacant (occupied by 5 people or fewer), or full. Users should adjust the sign when they enter or exit the room.

The room at Great Moor House is not bookable in advance, please ask reception if it is available.

How will we know if the room is being used and how can users make their views known?

A visitors book has been placed in the room to enable people to leave comments, anonymously if desired, with an option to describe the reason for the visit and to suggest improvements. Bookings will also be monitored.

If you have questions or comments about the room please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team.