Contemplation and prayer facilities

As part of our commitment to employee wellbeing and diversity, we have a Contemplation and Prayer Room at County Hall. The room has been available since May 2006.

What can the room be used for and does it need to be booked?

The room can be used for prayer, contemplation or meditation and needs to be booked in advance, please see instructions for use.

Where is the room and what is it like?

The room is on the lower ground floor of the Annexe, next to room B14. The room is clearly marked by a sign. The room is simply furnished and decorated. A compass has been placed in the room for those who wish to use it to assist prayer.

Toilet facilities are located along the corridor. The room is partly accessible to disabled people. Personal assistance is available on request from County Hall Main Reception and the Annexe Reception.

How will we know if the room is being used and how can users make their views known?

A visitors book has been placed in the room to enable people to leave comments, anonymously if desired, with an option to describe the reason for the visit and to suggest improvements. If preferred, comments can be emailed to the Lead Officer for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Bookings will also be monitored.