Race Equality Action Plan

16 objectives sit under four organisational themes. More detailed actions sit under each objective.

Organisational themes and objectives

Strengthening resources, governance and accountability

Objective 1: Build equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) leadership, capability and capacity

Objective 2: Build and support staff involvement

Objective 3: Respond to legal and moral duties

Objective 4: Establish a Race Equality Board

Creating a safe and inclusive working environment

Objective 5: Strengthen grievance and disciplinary procedures

Objective 6: Protect and support staff at risk of identity based harm

Objective 7: Improve commissioning and procurement guidance and practice

Objective 8: Improve recruitment and selection methods

Shaping organisational culture

Objective 9: Expand the Let’s Explore Race Mentoring programme

Objective 10: Widen the EDI learning and development offer

Objective 11: Improve appraisal and supervision

Objective 12: Develop an organisational culture of curiosity, empathy and learning

Building better understanding through data and insight

Objective 13: Understand, measure and report on the activity and impact of our work

Objective 14: Provide data training and guidance

Objective 15: Improve qualitative and quantitative data collection and reporting

Objective 16: Increase capability and capacity (including Smarter Devon resources)

Strategic alignment

Our organisational themes are aligned to our Core Principles and Behaviours and Strategic Plan ‘how we will work’. 


You can view live progress against the action plan in through the Power BI report below. If you would like a different format please contact us.

We also provide progress reports to Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services Scrutiny Committee every six months – in the autumn and spring. View the report of the meeting June 2023.

In July 2023 we were delighted to be given Bronze Trailblazer status by Race Equality Matters for our work on antiracism.

View the Race Equality Action Plan

You can view the plan by our organisational themes, or by the Race Equality Audit themes and recommendations.