Anti-Racism Framework

I want us to be intolerant of racism and actively challenge racist language and behaviour, however subtle or seemingly innocent, both inside and outside our organisation. I also want all of us to take the time properly to understand what barriers and disadvantages many people in our organisation and in our communities experience because of their race, so we can take the right action to help eliminate prejudice and discrimination.

Phil Norrey, Chief Executive DCC July 2021

The purpose of the anti-racism framework is to describe what Devon County Council (DCC) is doing now and in the medium and long term to address racism in the workplace and community, and to become an anti-racist organisation. Its intended outcome is to ensure everyone in Devon is safe, well and thriving.

Racism is something that affects us all either directly or indirectly. It has no place in a world that seeks to be prosperous, inclusive and healthy. It needs to be eradicated at individual, organisational and systemic or structural levels.

The social, environmental and economic benefits of diversity in all its forms are well known. We cannot reach our full potential as individuals, organisations or a place if people in our workforce or community are being pushed back because of the colour of their skin, nationality or heritage.

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