Emergency Tree Fund

Devon County Council can support a range of tree planting initiatives thanks to funding from the Woodland Trust, through its Emergency Tree Fund. 

  • What support is available?

    Support for town and parish councils 

    We would like to work with a small number of town and parish councils who are keen to carry out significant tree planting on their land holdings in response to the Woodland Trust’s ‘Big Climate Fightback’ and the ‘Devon Climate Emergency’. We would like to promote schemes for the forthcoming planting season as demonstrations of what other councils can achieve going forward. 

    To gauge the level of interest (and any requests for support), we have created a questionnaire. Further information will be circulated in due course to those councils that respond to the questionnaire expressing an interest in new tree planting. You can fill out the questionnaire here.

    Support for partner organisations 

    We are already supporting projects by Mid Devon and South Hams District Councils to create, restore and expand woodland habitat. Next planting season (2022/23) there will be scope to work with other district councils and potential partner organisations with ambitions to increase woodland cover on their land holdings in Devon; please contact elliott.saloman-c@devon.gov.uk to check the position.

    Support for private landowners 

    In 2021, landowners across Devon were offered free tree packs to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and to support The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative. In total, 70 tree packs were delivered, each consisting of a mix of 45 native trees; the locations of where these were delivered to are illustrated in the image below.

    This scheme alone supported the planting of 3150 trees (approximately 2 ha). We hope to run a similar scheme next season, if you’re interested in applying for a free tree pack in September (2022), please refer to the ‘Free Tree Scheme’ tab below.

  • Sources of Funding & Resources for Tree Planting

    Sources of Funding & Resources for Tree Planting

    There are currently lots of different types of funding and resources for tree planting in Devon, for more information head over to the table on the Devon LNP website: Sources of Funding & Resources For Tree Planting in Devon

    We understand that sometimes it can be hard to know which source of funding is best for your project. To help you identify the right source of funding, it is useful to understand the scale of your project.

    If you’re looking at individual trees, or perhaps enough trees to establish a small copse, we would recommend seeking support from The Wildlife Trust’s ‘Saving Devon’s Treescapes Project’. Head over to their website to find out more: Get involved with the Saving Devon’s Treescapes Project – Landowners | Devon Wildlife Trust.

    If you’re looking to carry out more significant planting (at least a few hundred trees) then we recommend that you get in touch with the Emergency Tree Fund team. Generally the ETF is suited to planting on public land. If you have a scheme in mind, The ETF team can be reached through DCC’s Natural Environment mailbox: naturalenvironment-mailbox@devon.gov.uk.

    Although the Emergency Tree Fund might be able to support schemes up to a hectare, generally speaking, if a scheme is looking for at least 1000 trees it would be best suited to The Woodland Trust’s MOREWoods scheme. This scheme can also support tree planting on private land. Head over to the website to find out more information and apply: Plant Trees on Your Land with MOREwoods – Woodland Trust.

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  • Photos


    Free Tree Scheme 2021/22

    Child planting a tree

    Middle Winsham (DCC County Farm Estate)

    Follaton Arboretum (South Hams)

  • 'Right Place, Right Tree' Guidance

    If you’re thinking about tree planting it’s important you understand how to choose the right place and the right tree. We highly recommend that you follow the ‘Right Place Right Tree’ guidance, available on the LNP website: Right Place Right Tree – Devon Local Nature Partnership (devonlnp.org.uk)

  • Free Tree Scheme

    Free Tree Scheme

    Presently, there are many schemes and initiatives which encourage landowners and communities within Devon to plant native broadleaved trees. Doing so will help replace the vast number of ash trees that are now dying through ash dieback, as well as supporting wildlife, enhancing our landscapes for people to enjoy, and helping to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. 

    If you are a private landowner, or know someone who would like to plant trees on their land, you may be eligible for our 2022 ‘Free Tree Scheme’.

    Devon County Council ‘Free Tree Packs’ for landowners

    Last year, Devon County Council gave away 70 packs of free trees to landowners across Devon, to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

    This year, Devon County Council is able to offer free tree packs again, thanks to the The Emergency Tree Fund, granted by The Woodland Trust. 

    Each free tree pack will contain 45 trees comprising three types of native broadleaved tree commonly found throughout Devon. 

    Are you eligible?

    If you have a field corner to spare or other area where you would like to establish a small copse, linear woodland or extend an existing woodland, you can apply for a free tree pack. In previous years free packs of 45 saplings containing oak, birch and rowan trees have been supplied to eligible landowners. To give trees enough space to develop a good crown and grow to maturity, we advise planting at 3m random spacings, which requires an area of approximately 400m sq. (e.g. 20m x 20m) for 45 trees.    

    The following conditions apply: 

    1. The trees must be planted in Devon  
    2. The tree planting location (or locations) must be suitable in terms of size and location in the landscape.  
    3. The planting must be carried out by the end of March 2023.  
    4. A person (landowner or their appointee) must be named as responsible for planting and maintaining the trees according to the instructions, so that after 5 years the trees are well established and growing healthily.  
    5. We require a photograph of the planted trees as evidence of completion. If not provided to us by the end of May 2023, we may wish to access the planting site on an accompanied visit to check and record (through a photograph) that the planting has been carried out. Arrangements for such a visit will be agreed in advance with the landowner.  

    To apply, please complete our online form before the 27th of September 2022 (please return to this page in due course to access the form once it is made available). This is the deadline that would enable tree packs to be delivered in time for you to plant in National Tree Week (27th of November – 5th of December). Applications after this date would be subject to availability. You will be notified if you have been successful before the end of October 2022 and your tree pack will be dispatched to you on a date confirmed by the tree nursery we appoint. 

    GDPR Statement: Please read our GDPR Privacy Notice. By applying for a free tree pack, you will be indicating your consent for Devon County Council to hold your data and share it with the Woodland Trust and its tree suppliers for the purpose of arranging delivery of trees. 

    If you are interested in the scheme, please do not delay applying. In previous years, the scheme has been extremely popular and highly oversubscribed.  

  • Register your interest in tree planting

    If you’re interested in tree planting, it may be useful for you to register your interest via our online form. The purpose of this form is to identify potential landowners/organisations based in Devon that are interested in tree planting. Using this form, Devon County Council will be able to signpost applicants to funding options when they are made available.

    GDPR Statement: Please read our GDPR Privacy Notice. By registering your interest, you will need to provide your consent for Devon County Council to hold your data and share it with relevant partners.