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Officer Decisions

Chief Executive - Phil Norrey

Summary of Matter or Issue Requiring Decision:

To develop a range of food responses with the Winter Grant

Decision Taken:


The Council has been required to identify and implement an urgent solution to develop a range of food responses in line with the Winter Grant including the implementation of a school meals holiday voucher scheme.


The Council contract with Hawk Incentives for the delivery of a Voucher Scheme for Phase 1 (Christmas holidays) and subject to satisfactory performance for Phase 2.

Summary of Reason(s) for Decision Taken:

The supply market appears limited and within the available timescales, only Hawk Incentives has been identified as having the capacity and financial standing required to deliver the required services at such short notice.

Risks mitigation has been undertaken.

Summary of Alternatives or Options considered and rejected:

At short-notice, supply market intelligence identified five potential providers.

Hawk Incentives were identified as having sufficient capacity, experience and financial standing, with a turnover of £30M and with over 350 employees.

They are currently contracted to DCC for the provision of the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Details of any conflict of interest and dispensation granted to the Officer taking the decision or by any Member of the Council in delegating responsibility for any specific express delegation:


Contact for enquiries/further information:
Simon Kitchen (01392 383000 or
Decision Date:
1 December 2020

A copy of this decision and any supporting documentation considered by the Officer taking this decision may also be made available or inspection by the public at the Council’s Offices or posted upon payment of any copying and postage charges. Any member of the public wishing to take up either of these options is asked to please ring 01392 382888 or email: