Election resources and information

Whilst our own pages give information on How to Become a Councillor and ‘How to stand for Election – Information for Candidates’, there are numerous other resources which can help you and these pages will direct you accordingly.

Devon County Council

Local Government Association – LGA

The LGA has numerous resources available to help potential candidates. Their ‘be a councillor’ campaign is one such initiative.  You can also see their ‘Stand up for What you Believe in Guide’ as a PDF download.

Furthermore, the annually produced Councillors Guide is an excellent publication / online resource designed as a quick reference guide to provide you with the essential information that you need to know as a councillor.

Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission website contains lots of guidance for elections and includes issues such as standing for election, campaigning, accepting donations, spending money, your rights as a candidate, including access to election proceedings and also reporting after the election.

What other councils and councillors say

Have you got what it takes

Rotherham Council have produced a quiz to test your eligibility, but you may wish to use the LGA’s E-Learning module to see whether the councillor role is right for you.

Further information

If you wish to talk to an officer regarding the Devon County Council elections, you can contact karen.strahan@devon.gov.uk