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Case Study

Thornbury Hamlets – Grant for tools helps our work with pothole repairs

team members getting out signs before commencing work

Following the receipt of a further grant from the Highways Maintenance Community Enhancement Fund (HMCEF), Thornbury Hamlets has been able to purchase a new whacker plate and a variety of shovels and brushes, to speed up our work. In the pictures below you can see members of the community working on potholes in the Lashbrook and Lopthorne areas of the parish.

Team members setting out signs before commencing work

preparing a pothole for filling with the PPR

















Preparing a pothole for filling with the PPR material

team members using the whacker placte to tamp down the PPR material and the end result

Using the whacker plate to tamp down the PPR material and the end result.

The new whacker plate has helped to make repairs in a faster and therefore safer way, minimising the time that team members are on the highway.

We are now in a position to respond quickly to any new pothole that opens up and fill it before it can develop into a major repair job that would need to be referred to Highways. This is a real ‘win-win’ both for the parish, in terms of keeping our roads safe, and for DCC’s budget.

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