Waste collection sent to landfill

Can you please provide details of on average how much of the waste collected within the area is sent to landfill? Ideally this would be presented as a percentage of total waste. This data is needed for 2021 and 2022. … Continue reading

Plastic waste shipped to Asia

Please provide information from your organisation about any plastic waste that has been shipped to Asia. 1. The total amount of plastic waste shipped to Asia from your organisation over the past five years, organised by year (e.g. 10 tonnes … Continue reading

Landfill sites waste

Please can you provide the following: * The total tonnage of waste submitted to landfill sites in your division between the following periods: o 1st January 2020 – December 31st 2020 o 1st January 2021 – December 31st 2021 o … Continue reading

Deep Moor garden waste

The information requested under the FOI is: • The current rate per tonne for processing at Deep Moor e.g. the rate per tonne being charged, to the Council, by the contractor. The average processing rate for processing green waste in … Continue reading

Recycling Centres Fees

1. Please provide details of the income generated from the sale of all types of recycling material from your refuge sites. The household waste recycling centres are operated by contractors, and any income generated by contractors is used to reduce … Continue reading

Inert and Non-hazardous Waste

1. Could I kindly request the latest statistics on inert and non-hazardous waste generated in your jurisdictions? Devon (t) 2021/22 Inert waste 3,618 Non hazardous waste 376,882 (t) stands for tonnes. Please note: the above table excludes Hazardous Waste. 2. … Continue reading

Plastic Processing

Devon County Council (DCC) have stated that “Plastics segregated at Household Waste Recycling Centres are sent to re-processors.” 1. What is the data for the percentage of “segregated” as opposed to “unsegregated” plastic? 2. What percentage does not go into … Continue reading

Facilities Management Contracts Information

1. Office and building cleaning – Service contract that is focused around office, commercial and building cleaning services. 2. Lift service and maintenance – Service contract for lift service and maintenance. 3. Food – Service contract that is focused around … Continue reading

Community Equipment Stores

1.What is the current budget for Community Equipment Stores for Devon (mobility and independent living aids) for 2020/21?  £7,163,049 for 2021/22 2. What proportion of this equipment is actually reused or recycled? 85% of equipment collected was reused in 2020/21, … Continue reading

Recycling Centres and Clothing Disposal

1.Please confirm how many recycling centres (HWRC) you operate that serve your council and list their locations / addresses? This information can be found here:- Centres Archive – Waste and Recycling (devon.gov.uk) 2.What other facilities if any, are in place … Continue reading